Concierge Services

AmourFit Concierge Services are available in the comfort of each client's home, gym or office. Providing one of the best fitness experiences available; programs are customized to meet every individual level and goal. And, whether you have a gym or not, James will come prepared with everything necessary for an efficient session including: resistance bands, dumbbells, body bars, stability balls, medicine balls, jump ropes, massage table, linens etc.
AmourFit Concierge Services is perfect for a business that is interested in rewarding employees, the individual fitness enthusiast wanting the convenience of exercising at home or the small building that would like to offer its residents a weekly  personal training, massage therapy or any of our below-listed services.
Professionalism: AmourFit has assembled one of the most gifted trainer in the fitness industry. James is certified by either the American Fitness Training of Athletics; National Academy for Health & Fitness.James is also CPR certified and fully insured.
James is Certified and Registered Massage Specialist.
James have years of practical experience, is college educated, friendly, have superior customer service skills and truly enjoy making a difference in people's lives.
Process: AmourFit provides a complimentary consultation in person, on the phone or via email to review your health history and fitness profile. Then, design a program, prior to your first appointment, that best matches your goals, fitness level and schedule.
Efficiency: AmourFit., we build a customized program to fulfill your goals and your needs within your time constraints.60-minute sessions are available.
We Serve:
• Residential buildings
• Hotels
• Hospitals
• Senior centers
Our Services:
• Contracted classes
• Personal training
• Massage therapy
• Nutritional counseling
• Aquatic training
• Fitness presentations and seminars
• Time efficient 60-minute sessions
• Complimentary fitness consultation and testing
Personal Training
• Sports Specific - meets the demands of your particular sport: incorporating plyometrics, strength and endurance training, cardiovascular workouts and nutritional counseling.
• Pre / Post Natal - exercise follows the guidelines outlined by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Programs help you to improve cardiovascular health and minimize muscle fatigue, reduce back pain during pregnancy, facilitate recovery from labor and help you to return to pre- pregnancy weight faster.
• Weight Loss - combines strength training, cardiovascular exercises and dietary suggestions.
• Post Rehab - exercise specialists work with your physical therapist to design a program aimed at increasing your strength, endurance and flexibility.
• Older Adults - James will combine strength and balance training, cardiovascular work and stretching exercises to design a program specifically for you.
• Preadolescent / Teens - facilitates weight loss or gain, increases strength, improves endurance and sports performance. This program will increase one's overall confidence in life.
Massage Therapy
AmourFit provides convenient in-home and in-office professional massage therapy. Our massage therapists offer sports, Swedish and aromatherapy.
Wedding Program
Tone up in 8 weeks with high intensity training before the happy day.
Nutritional Counseling
AmourFit nutritionist review medical, weight and dietary histories. We analyze your body composition, take your girth measurements and explore your goals. A meal-plan will be created based on your daily schedule, food preferences and goals (weight loss or weight gain, training for specific sports or help in controlling diabetes, cholesterol or blood pressure).