Speed & Agility Training

SPEED & AGILITY is an important part of many common sports and developing these two attributes can make a massive difference to your performance. Athletic events require you to have speed, and not just the 100 meter dash, 200m and 400m and hurdles, but also triple jump and long jump. Almost all team sports require you to be fast and agile, these include sports like football, basketball, baseball and soccer. In sports, nothing is more important than speed and agility. Some sports, such as basketball and football, require lots of speed and agility. Speed is a combination of power and coordination. The more power you can generate to propel yourself forward toward your destination, the faster you will get there. The more efficient you are, the more energy you can save. I will show you different ways to improve your speed with plyometric and other exercises.
In addition to those exercises, I will also give you some safety tips you should always follow when doing Speed & Agility exercises.