Mario Pacheco

I have an AmourFit client I would like to brag about. That AmourFit client is Mario. Mario started training with AmourFit about 3 months ago. Mario works hard at workouts, where he performs advanced exercises with Plyometrics, TRX, Med Balls, and Kettlebells. I have seen massive gains in Mario’s all around strength, size and explosiveness. Mario is a stellar example of an AmourFit client that exhibits discipline and commitment. Mario also exhibits these traits offensively and defensively on the Citrus Hill High School football field.
 Mario P. "Orangecrest" Riverside,CA
Never quit…Never give up!!!
AmourFit Personal Training

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Lauren Page

Two years ago, Lauren was an athlete playing volleyball. Hard work has turned this majestic athlete into one of the most feared and dominating attackers from every position on the court. A team captain who is looked up to and respected by her teammates, one of Lauren’s favorite sayings is “can’t wait to be a Duck!” She’ll get her quack next year when she takes her high-flying game to Oregon, where she is committed.
Lauren P. "Orangecrest" Riverside, CA
AmourFit Personal Training

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Cristina J

Do you have what it takes to be like Cristina? I believe that you do. I was recently asked who my FAVORITE type of person to have go through my programs is and what type of person gets the best results. I did not hesitate for one bit because I know EXACTLY how to describe this type of person. I think of Cristina J. Cristina is the epitome of “Excuses or Solution… YOU decide. Tell her before picture that her “genetics” are in the way and she can never be her after picture. Tell her AFTER picture she is lucky because of “genetics”… you get my drift. Here is how to successfully become your best YOU: warning I realize some of you are not ready to accept this… 1?No matter HOW BAD you feel or how bad your current situation is take some sort of accountability and ownership in where you are right now. 2?No matter WHAT you have done before DECIDE that you are ready to make a change and COMMIT to going through the process. 3?DECIDE that you are open to learning and applying instead of trying to convince me or others as to why your excuse is valid. They may very well BE valid but if you accept that you are giving up. EVERYONE has excuses. WE ALL HAVE THEM! We do! For some they may be worse, they may make it harder, they may make results take longer, BUT, there is ALWAYS some sort of solution… Some positive step forward to help them get a little closer to their best them one day at a time. When in doubt, think of Cristina J. WHO wants to be next? Do what Cristina did… Get the programs and information she followed at AmourFit.com  and let me help you do this!. 
Cristina J. Moreno Valley, CA
AmourFit Personal Training

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AmourFit has been such a positive influence in my workout routine. I used to have trouble motivating myself to get out and get going but with set ‘affordable’ sessions where I know my trainer is waiting for me, I get moving, get out the door and get to his gym. It has been such a positive and fun experience working out at AmourFit whether it’s in the gym with weights or a long run outside when the weather is nice. I intend to keep AmourFit in my fitness program indefinitely! I LOVE IT!!!! Lashawn B – Riverside, CA

Lashawn B
AmourFit Personal Training

As I was driving in to the office today, I thought about the positive difference getting involved with you and AmourFit has made to me. I was eating my healthy no fat, gluten free muffin, with my low fat latte which was all by choice. I am cognizant of what I am eating and how that affects my feeling of well-being. I know I hate the feeling of not eating sensibly, and that it is my choice to make. I cannot believe how quickly the body begins to show the positive affects of exercise, even after a multi-month hiatus. It makes me want to try even harder. But through it all, we are living life which sometimes interferes with our best laid plans. James you are an inspiration. Your positive attitude shines through, and you set the example. You don’t judge, or play hardball when it comes to diet plans, etc. but you understand and encourage. You aren’t placing unrealistic goals on us, other than to pursue healthy living. What a novel concept. I know I am feeling so much better than I was a few weeks ago, and over the coming weeks of the summer my exterior will begin to show what my internals are feeling – great! So just wanted to pass along a great big T H A N K S !!!! Debra W. Riverside, CA

Debra W
AmourFit Personal Training